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Welcome Back, Frank by N.J. Foley


The Eiffel Tower light
Will beam across the Seine,
And I’ll know you’re out there –

In this captivating first collection, N.J. Foley delivers on a lyrical exploration of intimacy, separation, and resilience in the heart of the city of love. Staggering drunk through the streets of Paris, expat writer Frank is met with a series of misfortunes and mishaps, memorable encounters, and hard-hitting disasters. Caught between Paris and home, love and heartbreak, hubris and horror, between an old life and the new, these poems capture the miscellaneous joys and brutality of everyday experience. Packed with humour and viciously candid, Foley’s writing is sharp, visceral, and unforgiving of anything caught in its focus. WELCOME BACK, FRANK is an honest portrait of expatriate life, from its greatest highs to its deepest lows.

Welcome back, Frank.
Where do you want to start?

118 pages, A5
ISBN: 978-1-8381789-3-2
Cover art by Hugo Denise
Published September 2022